Cultural Competence Training (Global Citizenship)

Each of us belongs to multiple cultures - national, individual and corporate - that give us messages about what is normal, appropriate, and expected. When others do not meet our expectations, it is often a cue that our cultural expectations are different. What is common to one group may seem strange, counter-intuitive, or wrong to another.

In a world where globalization is becoming the normal way of business, cultural differences prove a problem for staff communications and motivation. Work motivation, religious influences and drivers and managing different behaviours in compliance and delivery highlight the need for cross-cultural awareness.

This course is designed for everyone who needs to work across different countries and cultures, particularly those in organisations with a multinational workforce and global clients. The course is also valuable to those in cross-cultural personal relationships.

This course helps learners to:

Annual workshop on Global Citizenship takes place in Zanzibar with an opportunity for a holiday break afterwards.