NECT FAQ's - Volunteer work Camp

General Questions

How safe am I in Kenya?
What insurance cover do you suggest/should be taken out?
Do I need any visas?
What equipment/clothing should I take?
How much of which currencies should I bring?
What type of vehicle will I be travelling in?
What are the current HIV/AIDs issues/advice?

Medical Questions

What malaria tablets should I take?
What immunisations do I need?
Do you require medical details and special dietary requirements from me?
What if I am ill?

Volunteer Questions

What is the age range of the volunteers?
Why do I have to pay to be a volunteer?
What specific jobs might I be asked to do?
What arrangements are made for when I arrive at the airport?
What is the journey time to the programme base?
Is there an overnight stay en route? Where will it be?
Is there a laundry service at all of the possible locations?
What holiday trips are available and how much do they cost?
What level of spending money will I need?
What are the parks fees?
Do you have an Internet service at all the locations?
Are there working phones at all of the locations?
What is the daily routine at each of the possible volunteer bases?
What kind of food is eaten?
Do you have detailed information on the aims and practices of the projects?
Would I be moved in a crisis?
Do I need qualifications?
Can I offer to teach?

Sports, Teaching & Expeditions

Do you have any suggested itineraries?
Do you issue any guidelines to students?
Where will I be accommodated?
What happens in the evenings?
Should we bring tools, equipment, books, resources etc?
Will protective clothing be provided?
Can we go on safari?
How do you calculate the entire fee? How do we know what percentage of funds raised are given to the African school and travel respectively?