Cry for beautiful Kenya

Don't defy
Ethnic shaped bullets
They kill any tribe
Without venerating bloodlines
Inviting Kikuyu and Luo alike
Hell bent on winning
To defy mortality
And smell the stench of death

Isn't life enough of a struggle already
Without such tribal brutality!
Why betray the memories of the freedom fighters
By undermining the spirit of compromise
Where else would you rather be
You who live safe
But in Kenya
Where you proliferate in plenty

When ignorance is replaced by understanding
What will you tell the youth
About their crucified future
Selfishly intoxicated with licensed lunacy
By turning their play ground
Into battleground
What sad excuses
About your profound dull tunnel vision!

I cry for you beautiful people of Kenya
Be ready to learn the art of discourse
Wrap your rhetoric in a just solution
Let love stand in the gap
To detribalise your tenacious world view
Fix forgiveness on the ethnic brain
Embrace the flickering thirst for unity

Nim Njuguna
+44 7985761937