July 10th-17th 2008

Citizenship: Right, Responsibilities and Struggles

Come to Zanzibar and see the world differently!

Many forces are making the world increasingly smaller and a movement for global citizenship is underway. Better technology and transportation now facilitating greater mobility among people; borders for ideas, in particular, are virtually disappearing. Many national and international organizations acknowledging this are reinventing themselves to not only benefit from it, but also serve as catalysts. Leading institutions of higher learning in many developed countries are integrating the notion into their curriculum. What does Global Citizenship mean for 'ordinary people'; community activists and practitioners? The focus of the conference will be an attempt to try and scope out its meaning in terms of building a community of global citizens.

The workshop is co-ordinated by Nakuru Environmental and Conservation Trust; a UK based environmental Charity, Zanzibar Anglican Cathedral and Mbaruk Field Studies Centre (Kenya) -a centre for Environmental Justice which combines community development, health promotion and conservation projects. Facilitators will be drawn from the UK, Kenya and Zanzibar.

The workshop will:

Each day has a specific theme, including a seminar, free sightseeing times, and group interaction opportunities. You will stay in a room of your own in a hotel or in a hostel, sharing rooms with your friends. Daily travel around the Island is primarily by public transpiration, and includes lots of walking! Meals are taken in the hotel as well as a wide selection of cafes and restaurants.


NB. If you wish to stay longer in Zanzibar and go on a Safari in Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania we can assist you in planning your trip.

Cost: 590 (Full Board + Workshop Material)
(Flight not included)
"Earth is the birthright of all people"